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  • Lectures: Introduction to Computer Organization. Top Level View of Computer. Memory Organization. Input/Output Organization. Instruction Set. RTL-level Design. Instruction Level Parallelism: Pipelined and Superscalar Processors. Parallel Processing: Multiprocessor Architectures. Embedded Systems. Hardware/Software Co-design. Laboratory exercises: Introduction to the Altera Quartus II design software and the DE2 FPGA Evaluation Board. Designing of simple digital systems using VHDL language - multiplexers, controlling switches and LEDs. Designing of combinational circuits - arithmetic circuits, decoders for 7-segment displays. IP-based designing - Library of Parameterized Modules (LPM). Designing of sequential circuits – registers, counters, clocks. Finite state machines (FSM) and designing on the register transfer level (RTL). Introduction to the Altera SOPC Builder and NIOS II processor. A simple computer system. Program-Controlled Input/Output. Interrupts. Bus communication.
  • Tematyka kursu e-learningowego związana jest z wiedzą z zakresu statyki i kinetyki wybranych procesów przemian substancji w wodach powierzchniowych i podziemnych. Kurs kierowany jest do studentów II roku Inżynierii Środowiska.